House Plants

House plants make our homes feel healthy and alive. Keeping house plants indoors provides us with oxygen, cleaner air and peaceful quite company. While we enjoy their presence, it is also our responsibility to ensure that our homes provide the right kind of habitat to the house plants, especially tropical house plants. Tropical house plants are often native to places where growing conditions are very different than the conditions inside a house. Therefore, it is important to research what the individual needs of the house plants are. We choose to bring plants into our houses in order to make our houses more enjoyable places, but sometimes we kill those plants without understanding what we did wrong. It can be frustrating and even painful to watch a plant die. This site is a resource for you to get the information you need to keep your house plants living!

There are two main factors that people get wrong in taking care of their house plants: water and light. With tropical house plants, it is a good idea for us to imagine their natural environment and try to recreate it. What most people do wrong is give their house plants too much water and too little light.

Detailed information is coming soon to this site about each plant species and its natural environment. In addition, there will be tips on how to simulate it, thus enabling you to keep your house plants alive and thriving. At the moment, you will find useful information on several types of tropical house plants: getting an idea of how much water they like to drink and how much light they like to receive. You can click on the pages below to get more detailed information about how to grow orchids, ferns and bromeliads. The plant care basics page is a good place to start: it contains information that is relevant to all tropical house plants.

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